About Radio Carpathia

Based in Romania and founded by Luca T (YO5LKA) in June 2022, Radio Carpathia is a series of broadcasts that feature music from Eastern European countries such as Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia and Serbia. We produce a new show every month, which is broadcast on shortwave and later available in the archive.

The aim of these broadcasts is to bring the music of Eastern Europe, which is otherwise ignored by major broadcasters, to a wider audience using the power of shortwave radio.

How to listen

We broadcast on shortwave on the third Sunday of every month at 1200 CET/CEST, on 9670 kHz via Channel292, with a directional booster at azimuth 307. Further unscheduled transmissions are possible at any time on any of the Channel292 frequencies (3955/6070/9670 kHz).

Listeners in North America can tune in every Thursday at 0200 UTC (Wednesdays at 9 pm ET) on 5850 kHz, broadcast via WRMI in Okeechobee, Florida. New shows always follow the main transmission to Europe, but there may be some special unannounced shows on the week before a new show is released.

You can also listen online on the third Monday of every month at 18:00 CET/CEST via rockradio.de or at any time on our dedicated Archive page.

Supporting us

If you would like to help us stay on air as our costs are on the rise, please consider donating to us. Any donation, however small, is welcome on our Ko-Fi Page or directly via PayPal.

Special thanks

We would like to send special thanks to the following people for their help:

  • Roseanna from Radio Northern Europe International for all the tips and assistance
  • Daz for all the sound and signal processing tech (including Comb Stereo)
  • Frigid, Guero, and Bob Catface for sponsoring WRMI broadcasts
  • Alex, Guero, and Jono from RPC Audio who voice the Radio Carpathia jingles
  • The HFZone community
  • All listeners who submitted reception reports for the test transmissions which enabled us to pick the right time and frequency for future broadcasts.