New day for WRMI broadcasts

Starting August 2023, Radio Carpathia is shifting its broadcast to North America from Sunday evenings to Wednesday evenings, at the same time and on the same frequency (0200 UTC Thursdays on WRMI 5850 kHz)

In the other half of the hour, you will get to hear a special program from Radio Northern Europe International (whose normal program airs at 0100 UTC on the same day and frequency), called RNEIxtra, which introduces listeners to new genres, presenters, and music outside of the normal RNEI remit. Previous RNEIxtra shows have been DJ mixes, video game jazz, data experiments, and Rose’s personal favorite: Japanese music specials! She loves getting new presenters on air on RNEIxtra so look out for exciting new shows and contact her if you want to give shortwave a try! New shows come out on the Thursday that follows the second Sunday of every month.

As before, all reception reports for this broadcast will be answered with a physical QSL card.
Both Rose and I are looking forward to receiving your feedback and reception reports.

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